The NERGN has endeavored to provide a limited number of resources for families, health care providers and public health professionals that are relevant to its mission. These resources take the form of definitions, publications, articles and links to other organizations, and are not intended to be a comprehensive listing. The intention is to provide useful information and to highlight some of the innovative thinking and approaches to care for individuals with inherited conditions. Providing resources to the audiences below fulfills part of the NERGN's purpose.

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Title Summary Age Group Topic
Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Prenatal Testing and Genetic Counseling This specialized team offers genetic counseling and testing for women who are at increased risk for having babies with birth defects or want to screen for genetic conditions such as Down syndrome or spina bifida. Locations include Manchester, Nashua and Keene. Child, Teen/Young Adult, Adult Genetic Clinic(s)
Disability Scoop The Premier Source for Developmental Disability News Child, Teen/Young Adult, Adult Support & Advocacy
Eastern Maine Medical Center Offer a full range of screening, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment services for individuals and families who are affected by genetic conditions, including reproductive genetics, hereditary cancer, and pediatric and adult genetics. Child, Teen/Young Adult, Adult Genetic Clinic(s)
Educator's Guide to PKU This guide to PKU has been created for teachers to help support children with PKU at school. Child Education
Family Ties of Massachusetts Family TIES of Massachusetts is a statewide information and parent-to-parent support project for families of children with special needs and chronic illness. It is the Parent-to-Parent (P2P) program in Massachusetts. Child, Teen/Young Adult Support & Advocacy
Galactosemia: Information for Educators Includes three resources: Understanding Galactosemia; Galactosemia: Resources for Educators; GSeeME Child Education
Genes in Life Genes in Life, developed by the Genetic Alliance, is a place to learn about all the ways genetics is a part of your life. On this site you will learn how genetics affects you and your family, why you should talk to your healthcare providers about genetics, how to get involved in genetics research, and much more! Child, Teen/Young Adult, Adult Genetic & Genomic Information, Support & Advocacy
Genetic Alliance Genetic Alliance engages individuals, families, and communities to transform health. Programs include Bio Trust; Genes in Life; Expecting Heatlh; Disease InfoSearch; Advocacy Atlas, and more. Child, Teen/Young Adult, Adult Genetic & Genomic Information, Support & Advocacy
Genetically Speaking Addresses the newest basic research findings, technological advances and applications of human genetics in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of health conditions. Child, Teen/Young Adult Education
A Few Things to Know About Your Child's Visit to the Genetics Clinic Brochure to help families understand why their child was referred to a genetics clinic, what might happen during the visit, and what they can do while they wait. Includes contact information for New England family support organizations. Child, Teen/Young Adult Genetic & Genomic Information, Genetic Clinic(s), Genetic Testing, Support & Advocacy