Current Activities

ECHO Web-Based Video Conferences on Complex Pediatrics

An 18-session webinar series (held every 2 weeks) providing primary care providers with an opportunity to learn more about targeted issue areas and present cases for group discussion. Covers a broad range of topics – from genetics, to behavioral health, to sleep disorders, and more! CMEs are available at no cost. See the Weitzman Institute for more details. 

Genetics Webinar Series

First session was held in February, 2019, with over 100 care providers participating

Genetics Consult Service for Primary Care Providers

Consultation support to primary care providers who have questions about genetic conditions, genetic testing, how it can aid diagnosis and management, and future care considerations for those living with genetic conditions. Launching in January, 2019. To learn more, please contact

Web-Based Video Training for Integrating Genetics Into the Primary Care Environment

Provides primary care providers with presentations on current approaches to genetics and its application to the Primary Care environment. Tentative topics include: interpreting and applying a family history, assessing genetic implications for school age developmental delays, genetic metabolic causes of pain, and more! Free CMEs available. Launching in February, 2019. If interested in signing up, please contact

Telehealth Training for Genetic Counseling Students and Genetic Counselors

 A combination of a one-day hands on training event on the use of telehealth equipment for genetics as well as a host of support materials and resources leading up to and after the training providing participants with a solid framework on how to engage this growing and important field. Offered on March 26, 27, or 28, 2019 (attendees may choose one day). Download the flyer. If you’d like additional info, please contact

Genetics Education Support System

Available here, this web-page provides a combination of genetics themed resources with the primary aim of supporting non-genetic medical providers as well as non-medical family support staff (family outreach, community health workers, social workers) with critical information on genetics resources (applicable tools, links for additional information, etc.) As a part of this, we’re also providing training on some of the essentials related to genetics services to groups across New England, upon request. Multiple helpful videos have already been posted, so be sure to check them out!

Web-Based Info and Resource Map 

Available here, this resource helps family members and providers quickly identify contact information for regional family organizations, public health programs, as well as telemedicine and genetic services.

NERGN Annual Meeting in Portsmouth, NH

May 16-17, 2019. The 2-day event focuses on improving the knowledge of stakeholders concerning the care of individuals impacted by genetic conditions as well as improving NERGN’s knowledge of stakeholder and family needs across the region.

Family members, school personnel, and health care providers may be interested in checking out our sister site that addresses children and youth with genetic conditions in school settings. Genetic Education Materials for School Success (GEMSS) provides a wealth of practical knowledge for effectively integrating and supporting youth living with a genetic condition in a school environment.

* Medically Underserved Areas/Populations are areas or populations designated by HRSA as having too few primary care providers, high infant mortality, high poverty or a high elderly population. For the 2018/2019 year, NERGN is focusing much of its outreach to American Indian and Hispanic communities living in New England.