Routine DNA Screening Moves Into Primary Care

Monday, June 4, 2018

NPR Health News, by M. Andrews

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If you have a genetic mutation that increases your risk for a treatable medical condition, would you want to know? For many people the answer is yes. But typically such information has not been a part of routine primary care.

For patients at Geisinger Health System, that could soon change. Starting in the next month or so, the Pennsylvania-based system will offer DNA sequencing to 1,000 patients, with the goal of eventually extending the offer to all 3 million Geisinger patients.

Researchers Gather Health Data For 'All Of Us'


Researchers Gather Health Data For 'All Of Us'

The health system's test will look for mutations in at least 77 genes. Many have been associated with medical conditions — dozens of them, ranging from heart disease to cancer. Others have been linked to variability in how people respond to certain medicines based on heredity.