Newborn Screening

State Newborn Screening Programs

  • Connecticut Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
    Strives to ensure that all Connecticut-born babies receive appropriate hearing screenings at birth; receive diagnostic hearing evaluations, as warranted; and babies who have hearing loss are enrolled into an Early Intervention program.
    Age Level: Child
  • Connecticut Newborn Screening
    The Newborn Screening Program consists of three components: Testing, Tracking, and Treatment. 
    Age Level: Child
  • MA - Universal Newborn Hearing Screening
    All babies born in Massachusetts receive a hearing screen before they leave the hospital.Our program connects with families to make sure that diagnosis and intervention are not delayed.
    Age Level: Child
  • Maine Newborn Hearing Program
    The Maine Newborn Hearing Program offers a variety of materials for providers who serve children with hearing loss. These materials are available at no cost.
    Age Level: Child
  • Maine Newborn Screening
    To eliminate or reduce mortality, morbidity and disabilities by screening, detection and treatment of the disorders included in the Maine newborn screening panel.
    Age Level: Child
  • New England Newborn Screening Program
    The New England Newborn Screening Program is a comprehensive public health screening program, serving families in five New England states. The program provides high-quality, timely, low-cost laboratory screening, clinical follow up, and research.
    Age Level: Child
  • New Hampshire Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
    All hospitals with birth facilities offer newborn hearing screening before babies go home. Babies who do not pass their hearing screening are referred for further testing.
    Age Level: Child
  • New Hampshire Newborn Screening
    Responsible for assuring that all infants born in New Hampshire are screened at birth for inherited medical disorders
    Age Level: Child
  • Rhode Island Newborn Screening Program
    To prevent death and disability, and enable children to reach their full potential by screening infants, and ensuring action is taken on health conditions detected.
  • Universal Newborn Hearing Screening
    The earlier children with hearing loss start getting services, the more likely they are to reach their full potential.
    Age Level: Child
  • Vermont Newborn Hearing Screening
    Hearing screening is simple and painless. Early screening ensures children early access to services to help them reach their full potential.
    Age Level: Child
  • Vermont Newborn Screening Program
    All babies born in Vermont have the opportunity to receive a newborn screening test to check for rare but serious diseases which may not be apparent at birth.
    Age Level: Child

Newborn Screening Brochures

The following brochures provide an overview of the newborn screening process and the genetic conditions for which the panel screens, available in multiple languages.  

Helpful links

  • Baby's First Test
    The nation's educational resource center for newborn screening. It informs and empowers families and healthcare providers throughout the newborn screeningexperience. By increasing awareness, Baby’s First Test offers millions of newborns and their families a chance at a healthy start.
    Age Level: Child
  • National Coordinating and Evaluation Center: Sickle Cell Disease and Newborn Screening 
    The Sickle Cell Disease and Newborn Screening Program (SCD-NBS) is comprised of 17 national funded community based sickle cell disease (SCD) projects.  The community-based SCD projects partner with State newborn screening programs, comprehensive sickle cell treatment centers, and health care professionals to provide support to infants screened positive for SCD and trait and their families.
    Age Level: All​​
  • Newborn Screening Coding and Terminology Guide: Data Standards for Electronic Reporting
    Released by the U.S. National Library of Medicine in partnership with NIH, HRSA & DHHS. The goal of this guide is to promote and facilitate the use of electronic health data standards in recording and transmitting newborn screening test results.
    Age Level: Child
  • The Newborn Screening Technical assistance and Evaluation Program (NewSTEPs)
    Provides quality improvement initiatives, an innovative data repository and technical resources for newborn screening programs.
    Age Level: Child