Guide to Hereditary Cancer Indications for Referral

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Guide to Hereditary Cancer Indications for Referral

This tool was developed to help clinicians identify patients that would benefit from risk evaluation, genetic counseling and possible genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes.

This tool primarily assesses a patient’s risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC), and Lynch syndrome (LS).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Genomics program classifies these two conditions as Tier 1 conditions – those for which there is sufficient evidence that identifying and appropriately managing individuals at increased risk improves health.

This tool does not identify individuals at risk for all hereditary cancer syndromes. If you have questions or concerns about your patient’s risk, contact a genetics provider.

How to Use this Tool

  1. Go through the questions with your patient.
  2. For each question, indicate “yes” or “no,” then use the buttons that appear to go to the next section.
  3. This risk assessment will give you two possible outcomes:
    1. If your patient is found to have an increased risk of hereditary cancer, you will be directed to take action.
    2. If your patient does not meet any of the criteria for hereditary cancer risk, you will be directed to manage their care as appropriate.