Current Activities

Supporting expansion of telehealth, specifically telegenetics

  • Educating primary care practices via the Complex Integrated Pediatrics ECHO Series, and the Genetic Webinar Series, both in collaboration with the Weitzman Institute. We offer free CMEs for attendees from New England.
  • Providing specialized education on Telegenetics for genetic counselors and genetic counseling students, including best practices regarding equipment, clinical workflow, and reimbursement. This effort is in collaboration with the Western States Regional Genetics Network.
  • Expanding the telegenetic capacity, via training and equipment, of the telehealth program at Baystate Health Center / Genetics Clinic.
  • Providing telehealth-related links for health providers adapting their practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Providing clinical support for primary care providers

  • Offering free consultations with genetics specialists, in collaberation with the Weitzman Institute's eConsult program

     Partnering with family-led and other regional organizations

  • Because family organizations work directly with families seeking help, they are instrumental partners for NERGN. We work closely with the Family Voices (or affiliated) groups in each of the six states in New England. A number of the families they serve may benefit from genetic services. Our mutual goal is share ideas and methods of reaching out to those families, and potentially making referrals for genetics services.
  • Ed Kloza, Genetic Counselor, has provided a number of trainings and hopes to do more!
  • Working with the New England Regional Genetics Group, Inc. (NERGG) and Rare New England to complement all of annual meetings.  

Coordinating resources and information on our websites

For people with genetic conditions, their families, and the people who care for them or guide them through the healthcare system: 

  • Find a clinic through an interactive map.
  • Genetics Education Support System (GESS) includes a range of useful genetics themed resources for families, outreach workers, and non-genetic medical staff.
  • Genetics Education Materials for School Success (GEMSS) website provides support for school teams and primary care. GEMSS is a family-friendly website with helpful tips and strategies for the classroom. It has information on 37 genetic conditions, each of which includes a Provider Version: relevant information for primary care!
  • COVID-19 Resources for Families is found on GEMSS.